Welcome to issue 1 of Waylines Magazine!

We are thrilled to finally be launching, and even more thrilled that you've taken the time to pop along and take a look.

And we can promise that we've got some great stories and films inside.

As we were putting together issue 1, a particular theme came to dominate our thinking in preparing the interviews, choosing and editing the stories, and selecting the films we wanted.


Decision making, whether it be long and ponderous, or split second and instinctive, takes place every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

Some we make with conscious thought, with planning, with foresight.

Some we make as we react to external or internal pressures, as we stumble forward in our lives.

Some we make, knowing, or not, that they will lead to hurt, or to disappointment.

Some we make, knowing our lives will be the better for it.

Some are more ambiguous, ready to surprise us at a later point.

Some are inevitable...

We made a decision on Sept 3rd, 2012 to start a science fiction magazine of our own. Along the way, we've encountered all the above, but ultimately that initial decision has led us here, to issue 1!

In issue 1, we have three short stories, three short films, a feature with Cat Rambo and her new collection, Near + Far, interviews with the authors and filmmakers, and our regular Writer's Room feature, where Alisa caught up with the marvelous, Christopher Barzak!

Grayson Bray Morris takes us into the mind, and space craft, of Ankti Remsi and her struggle to reconcile her decisions in the past with that of the pressure of the present in The Message Between the Words.

Beth Cato explores how family relationships can be devastatingly, and subtly redefined by sudden change to one member, and how their decisions impact their future in the heartbreaking An Echo in the Shell.


Jeremy Sim sends us to the most unique hotel in the world with some of the most unusual guests ever to stay there, and definitely the most lively and interesting hotel owners we've seen this side of Fawlty Towers, in Fleep.

For our films this issue, we have-

Kevin Margo tells a very personal story in Grounded, exploring death through one pilot's crashlanding on a foreign planet. A fantastic visual sci-fi feast.

Francesco Calabrese has crafted an intricate and touching tale of a monster, bringing realism to the true-to-life horror story, Lovely Monster.

And finally...

We have a beautiful animation to show you - Christopher Kezelos's The Maker. A mesmerizing fantasy that will enchant you with its music, story and creatures.

We hope you enjoy the stories, the films and the interviews. If you want to send us a message, you can do so on our site, and we can also be found at Facebook and Twitter.

Issue 2 will be available March 1st 2013, and will contain new fiction, new short films, our Writer's Room guest, and an interview with Minister Faust and his War and Mir series.

Safe Journeys!

D and D