Issue 2, just like Issue 1, was a pleasure to put together. We had a lot of fun finding our latest batch of stories and films, working with all the writers and film makers, and getting all these wonderful interviews (a whopping nine!). So have as much fun as we had, welcome to Waylines – Issue 2!

Issue 2 would also not have been possible without the help of our newly acquired team of First Readers. These dedicated souls have handled the submissions that keep pouring in to us (1100 so far) with the utmost devotion and care. If you are interested in meeting them, their bios can be found on the About page (shortly).

And now that we are up on our feet thanks to all those Kickstarters, all those First Readers, all those writers & film makers, and all you readers, Issue 2 seems like a good place for us to announce some of the goals we have for Waylines Magazine for the near and not so near future.

1) We want to become a Science Fiction Writer’s of America (SFWA) eligible market. This would mean that our authors would be a step closer to membership of SFWA if they were published in Waylines.

2) We would like to fund the magazine through subscriptions and advertising. Kickstarter campaigns are great, and we got our initial start this way, but for sustainability, we need to look at other options. So we will eventually be making the Digital Download edition available as a subscription purchase, but for now is set up as a Pay What You Want format (which includes FREE at the moment).

3) We would like to move to publishing four stories per issue (possibly one exclusive to our Digital Download Edition), and also explore the possibility of publishing flash fiction, and longer works.

And we have lots of other ideas brewing in our alchemy lab, but are waiting to see if we can get all the right 'ingredients' in order first. For now, we hope the goals that we've mentioned will give you a little glimpse at Waylines' future direction (and also give an idea of how we could be helped).

But let's get back to the issue at hand – Issue 2. As always, we have three short stories and three short films, all of which we are very excited about. We also have a feature with the critically acclaimed, Kindred award winning novelist, Minister Faust, and our regular Writer's Room feature, where Alisa caught up with the always charming, Marly Youmans. Now on to the stories!

K. C. Ball takes us inside a joke, and makes us re-examine the boundaries of the reality we think we inhabit in, Stop Me if you’ve Heard This One.

Sean Eads takes us into a dark wasteland where a boy discovers the secrets of his society and world in, The Seer.


Eric Del Carlo brings us to the edge of a world destroyed by pollution and prejudice in, The Air That I Breath.

For our films this issue, we have:

Pixels, the amazingly fun video game invasion by Patrick Jean .

The Gate, a creepy, powerful (and soon to be a feature) film about an outbreak of mutants in the city by Matt Westrup

And finally...

The touching tale of a boy and his robot in John William's Paraphernalia.

We hope you enjoy the stories, the films and the interviews with all of their creators. We will have the complete interviews featured in the Digital Download edition, which will have the regular Screen Gems section, plus other exclusives articles, available on the last day of March.

If you want to send us a message, you can do so on our site, and we can also be found at Facebook and Twitter.

Issue 3 will be available May 1st 2013, and will contain new fiction, new short films, our Writer's Room guest, and more!

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