Editorial at Waylines
Ah summer. A time for barbeques. A time for fireworks. And a time for a whole lot of sweating. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to stay in some air conditioning and enjoy a little Waylines! So let us introduce you to Issue 4's fiction:

Rachael Acks takes us on the exploration of a new world, and the sacrifices made in order to do so in"Samsara."


Jake Kerr offers a fun-filled tale of time travel, alternate selves and self-improvement in "Chip's Six Attempts at Popularity."

For our films this issue:

"The Secret Number" is Colin Levy's masterful film that walks the line of fantasy and mystery in the search for a new undiscovered number. This is one you won't want to miss!

Luke Randall's endearing animation, "Reach," is a reminder to all of us of our dreams and the obstacles that often keep them just out of reach.

And finally...

K-Michel Pandari takes us into the future of law enforcement, in "From the Future with Love," a mix of Robocop with a dash of frightening future possibilities.

And as always, we have our interviews. Alisa sat down with Nina Kiriki Hoffman for the Writers Room. And for our featured author interview, we chatted with the prolific Dean Wesley Smith. And as always, we have our interviews with this issues writers/film makers.

Along with the summer season, Waylines is closed to submission from June 25 through August 25. But don't worry, we've already go some exciting tales lined up for Issue 5 and will open up submissions once again on August 25. But for now, stay cool, enjoy the stories, the films and the interviews and look forward to our Digital Download Edition. It will have the regular Screen Gems section, all the extended interviews, plus a special feature "Searching for the Secret Number." Out July 31.

Issue 5 will be available September 1st 2013, and will contain new fiction, new short films, our Writer's Room guest, and more! Have an awesome summer!

D & D


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